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          Collated data and integrated discrete systems to collect actionable information in a dashboard.

          Identified underperforming inventory using various KPIs such as inventory turns, sales velocity etc.

          Recommended right mix of SKUs based on ABC analysis and suggested the inventory norms.

          Created a single platform for all users which is capable to:

          • Track underperforming inventory across different stakeholders (Network/warehouse)
          • Track whether corrective actions are taken to rationalize the underperformers across all departments

          KEY BENEFITS

          • The warehouse inventory was stocked with the correct mix of SKUs in the right quantity
          • With the redistributed inventory, the underperforming stock was reduced for better utilization of the storage space and capital
          • Dashboard integration of data provided better visibility of the inventory state and gave actionable insights


          • The client was able to fix 30% of the total leakage in revenue by optimizing the movement of inventory and addressing the underperforming inventory